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Leak Detection

Our Guarantee: 


If we cannot find the leak it is FREE of charge.




What we can do for you:


  • Leak Detection


  • Find and Repair Leaks


  • Under Slab leak detection


  • Provide valuable information for leak prevention

Leaky Faucet
Water Leak Facts:


Ten percent of homes have leaks that waste more than 90 gallons of water per day


Fixing water leaks can save homeowners around ten percent on their water bills


A leaky faucet at a rate of one drop per second could waste 3,000 gallons or more per year

Leaky Shower
Common/Minor Leaks:


Leaking toilet flappers


Dripping faucets


Shower heads

Money going down the drain
Not repairing leaks in a home may lead to additional expenses such as:


Increase in water bill


Overloading leachline


Overloading seepage pit


Home interior damage

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